Stoneway Constructions is a building company

based on a few simple principles:


•    Taking more time and more care, in every aspect of the building process

•    Guarantee a positive building experience for every client

•    Deliver homes of exceptional quality and immeasurable value.


It is almost an old fashioned notion but Wayne Duff of Stoneway Constructions believes that if a builder takes the time to get to know their clients, if they take the time to understand their needs and their dreams, to truly see the people behind the project, and if they then take the time to build a home with genuine care, and attention to detail – extraordinary things can be achieved.


Stoneway is a relatively small building company - and that is by design.  Wayne knows that being a smaller company allows them to deliver a level of service and individual attention that bigger firms can't possibly match and he wouldn't want it any other way.


•    If you can dream of a home, custom designed and built to your particular needs,

•    If you can imagine a building experience that makes you feel like you're a partner rather than just a client,

•    If you like the idea of a builder that actually cares about you - and who knows your name.


Then you really need to contact Wayne. 

He will show you that building your dream home is a lot easier than you think.